• Solar energy is a renewable energy resource.

It reduces reliance. These fuels produce emissions which impact the quality of water, air and soil, and are responsible for global warming. It is estimated that between 2065 and 2000, the Earth will shed species of animals and plants to extinction. That’s one driven from the effects of greenhouse gases from fossil fuels and a shocking statistic.

In contrast, no pollution is produced by solar energy. The abundant power of the sun provides an unlimited supply of energy that damage the ozone layer or doesn’t strip the landscape. Solar panels represent an investment in the future of Earth, protecting the environment and conserving energy resources.

  • Gives You Control Over Electricity

United States has the maximum number of solar energy. Our power grid is 100 years old and wasn’t built for extreme weather events and today population. PG&E, california’s biggest utility, estimates it will need $75 billion to $150 billion to make a cost that will be passed on to clients, to make the grid more stable.

Our grid has to be modernized to satisfy the demands of a society that is plugged-in. Adding a house battery unit powered by solar panels that are residential can save enough electricity through usage hours giving families the liberty to control the electricity of their family.

Brightbox TM home batteries are a buffer against the blackouts introduced by companies for prevention. The antiquated grid of today means that power outages will be experienced by communities not threatened by wildfires. All PG&E customers are in danger of losing power this summer, affecting around 16 million people.

Having a solar system, solar panels power your home during the day and you’ll get energy independence by installing solar panels.

House batteries and solar panels are getting resilient, accessible, more affordable and productive. They supply peace of mind and energy security for the storm strikes or families once the power goes out. The Brightbox house battery system of sun run eliminates uncertainty, the inconvenience and cost of refueling diesel-powered generator or a gasoline and replenishes with electricity. The silent and clean Brightbox battery is a preferred option for households to a generator that is conventional.

  • Home solar panels may offset your costs if you are facing rising home energy costs.

Because energy is emitted by the sun via cloudy and clear skies savings may accrue on overcast days. Solar delivers savings and efficiency. Based on orientation, efficiency and their size relative to the sun, some panels generate more energy. This could lower your electric bill. If your solar energy system produces electricity in some places, you might be eligible for a rebate. Check with the solar energy guidelines of your area.

The expense of solar has dropped in recent decades, falling more than 70 percent in the last decade. As there are no moving parts, you’ll spend less on maintenance too. The price of home batteries have dropped considerably.