Searching Pinterest and Instagram for gorgeous wedding hair ideas is bound to leave you wanting the ultimate look for your big day. The problem is that it can be trickier than you expect to not wind up with one of the worst bridal hairstyles around. Here are some tips on how to ensure your hair isn’t a disaster on the day.

  • Spend a Day with the Stylist

Make sure you spend time with the stylist trying out different styles. This way you can be sure that the style suits you and your stylist knows just what you want. Schedule an advance appointment and get some good tips from your stylist on how to care for your hair at home.

  • Don’t Skip the Salon

Some brides skip getting their hair cut to let it grow longer. Haircuts help to keep hair healthy and clean. Get a trim every three months to avoid split ends and dry hair while still ensuring your hair grows out ready for the big day.

  • Don’t Leave Things to the Last Minute

The earlier you take care of your hair the better. Leave at least 14 days between the salon and wedding to have your hair look great. A dye job takes two weeks to settle in fully. Getting your hair cut and styled early also gives you some breathing room if the stylist makes a mistake.

  • Don’t Go Crazy With the Extensions

Most brides go straight for the hair extensions if they want some extra length on their hair. Use air extensions for volume and not length to avoid bad looking hair. Use natural, short hair extensions to make it look seamless.

  • Use the Right Accessories

Think about your overall aesthetic and ensemble when choosing hair accessories. You don’t want to have something gaudy and unattractive in your hair and wind up with one of the worst bridal hairstyles. Look around and ask your stylist for their recommendations for a hairstyle accessory that suits you.

  • Avoid Hairstyles That Don’t Suit You

The worst bridal hairstyles are styles that aren’t suited to you. Just because the style looks good in the magazine doesn’t mean it will look good on you. Find a hairstyle that suits your face and hair type and create the best and most beautiful version of you there is.