Firms specializing in cleaning panels say you need to wash your solar panels. Some state a scrub is needed while others say there is an automatic machine that washes panel.

They mention a National Renewable Energy Laboratory research and found 25% less power is produced by panels than others.

Skeptics, however, argue that washing or paying to get panels washed is a waste of money and businesses trying to sell their services.

As with most debates, there is hogwash and validity on either side. Because most panels are mounted on a slope it clogs your windshield when you leave your vehicle parked outside.

Needless to say, you get rainstorms or dust which will stick leaving it more dingy than it had been before the rain. Something similar can happen to your panels when it is washed.

It is your call

Be cautious of people telling you that you need to wash your panels. They might be trying to sell to you or they could be aware of what they’re talking about. There is no sure way.

You may put off the panel till you have an opportunity to get a peek at your panels to determine they will get washed. Clean them or have them clean and see for yourself if the cleaning made a difference on your panels’ energy production. It may be worth contracting for cleaning services if the output of your system is enhanced.

In the event that you don’t have to clean your panels it may not be advisable every couple of years, to give them a little TLC and review. If you’re going to wash your panels , use a brush, a soap like detergent and water to find the buildup. Avoid Harsh chemicals, pressure washers and abrasive scrubbers, which could harm your panels.